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Fade away..

Your eyes ache. So does your head. Thoughts mar your mind as every problems screams loudly in your head, “YOU NEED TO GET THIS OR THAT DONE!”.
Stressed, you look longingly at the little stick. It’s so small yet so powerful.
But you promised yourself you wouldn’t touch it again.
You think about your 11 month struggle to leave that thing.
You think about your mother who thinks you’re an ideal daughter.
You think about your work. Ever increasing work.
You light it. One drag. One puff. That’s all.
As the smoke fill your nostrils, your head stops screaming. The voices in your head die out.
You exhale. A white cloud of smoke. Hazing out the small trivials & problems of life. Calming your nerves.
& the spider starts spinning it’s vicious web. You can’t get out once you’re in.
You don’t put the cigarette down.
As the smoke fades away with your stress/problems/trauma, you smile to yourself.

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