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Right outside my window in this lil cave I dwell in, that’s located in the town side of this city of dreams, Mumbai, the Arabian Sea stretches out to infinity. It’s a sight most people long for in Mumbai given the population influx & hands & limbs all over the place which leaves very little scope to acquire a good house, not to mention that the property prices are excruciatingly prodigious.
As I look out of my window from the room tonight (12 26am as I write this), the scene captivates me for the nth time.
The moon reflecting it’s silver light onto the sea water below makes it look like liquid silver glistening above the life inside the sea. Like someone could actually walk on that part of the sea. The light from the moon illuminating the clouds subtly against the black backdrop of the sky makes it look recherché.
The stars shining above look like those little twinkling decoration lights that light the sky up even in darkness.
The night seems still, with the right amount of movement. In this dead hour of the night when all the noise has drowned out, one can hear the music the sea creates. It’s a paradox in many ways. The tides washing up the shore stirring the quiet immobile sand restlessly is like the way we humans let things, although insignificant, furor our inner sanctum.
The harmless sea waves crashing into the rocks, eventually break it down. Just like words. Even though innoxious, they break a man down eventually, over the years.

After sometime, light will try to take over the darkness. The sun will kill the moon to teach us the same lesson, handed down to us by ages & elders again: there’s always light after dark.
I scoff at the mere one track thinking. It’s the dark that gives way to light. Never the other way round. The sun is a mere star that shines brighter than the other fixed luminous points in the night sky. If there was no sun, we wouldn’t have the stupid sun=light metaphor. If the sun/light wouldn’t exist, we could make do with the dark. The dark does not hurt. The light does. It’s so much darker when a light goes out than it would have been if it had never shone. So we don’t really need the sun. Night is the real color of the world. Without the veil called the Sun.

& I circumlocate again as usual. Maybe digression is what keeps me sane so I can pretend I live in reality. Reality does not exist, or rather you’d like it not to. You just put the semblance on & hope no one sees through. Even if it involves hiding reality under quilts.

Random thoughts fill up the void in my head & as I light another Dunhill, I see the city rise to another day. It’s 7am. Time for solarphilics to wake up & moonphilics to call it a day.

♪Now On Replay: Where I stood by Missy Higgins.

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