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Leaving behind

I keep trying to forget him; forget every part of him. Forget all the places we ever went to, all the dreams we dreamed together, all the things we wondered aloud.

I run away from everything that seemingly reminds me of him.

I run away from quiet places that whisper his name to me.

I run away from all the people that knew us.

Every day, I break little pieces of me off to forget him. I break little pieces off and leave them behind me. Pieces that were us. Pieces that were him.

I keep trying to forget his smell, his warmth, his arms, his tears, his hands, his hair, his name. Everyday, I forget a little bit of him and a little bit of myself in forgetting him.

I kill every little piece of him inside me. I let go of his breath in me, his laughter in my ears, his fingers through my hair, his dark, warm, piercing eyes, the way his neck smelled of my lips…

Every day, I let go of him.

But every time I look into the mirror, I see him there.

How do I let go of his touch on my flesh?

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Her Light

Maybe it was time to go.
Maybe it was time to go a long time ago.
“Not now. Not yet”, she kept repeating to herself. The light was warm & comforting. A solitary year rolled into the cup of her palm and she smiled.
“How will I tell them how much I love them?”, she wondered. “They already know”, the voice said.
“You can let go now..it’s time to go”.
“Not now. Not yet”
The light washed over her & made her feel alive. It’s warmth held her & reminded her of her mother’s arms. She felt like a child. She felt like freedom.
“It’s time to go..”
She got up from her ruins, her hair flittering in the air casting shadows on her face. She looked up at the light & it made her feel alive for one last time.
Staggering & never looking back, she plunged into her darkness.

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