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Ramble & Midnight (+2)

I still think how life would have been a little different than what it is right now. I keep pondering, introspecting & wondering what it would be like if it existed.
What do we do now?
Wait it out till it becomes a distant memory?
That never happens.
No I’m not sad. It’s just longing. I guess somewhere down the road, you’ve got to let the other person know where you are.
I found a new love though. I mean it was always there, just not so empowering. My family! I love them!
The prospect of returning back to Pune tomorrow makes me sad. Very sad. It means going away from so many people.
Well it does remain that I already have gone away way too far from some lives. Though if I could, it would reverse it even though that would be retrograding but whatever. My english’s beginning to suck. Mess has nasty food. I’m gonna miss mum so much :*( I love her so much!
I hate the fact that I call hostel “home” now. That’s for suckers.

How do you tell that a person’s over you? How do you tell that a person no longer pines for you? No longer wishes you back?

Maybe you don’t tell when a person’s over you.
Reality is hard to accept innit?

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