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A broken heart symphony

We keep fabricating words into a song. Singing about heartaches, cesspools & how we’ve turned into a generation that breeds on sex and drugs as the answer to every question. We indulge in long verse descriptions about how we wish the person we love would come back but never wait around to meet that person half way. We symphonise pain as an entity; wicked and murderous..captivate our emotions in a single song to say it all. Talk about everything in that song that we’d like to say to that person. Hit every note with perilous desire for that person..we write songs about letting go when we really wanna hold on.
Words. All of them. Every single note and every single chord. They all call out to “The one”.
They carry every single dream and spin it into a melody..a symphony.
A broken heart symphony.

And with every pitch, note, chord and beat, we only wish that the person we so desire turns around and comes back.

Only they are not listening.

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