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Against Anna Hazare – A proposition perpective to Lokpal & the movement.

In this media college that I’m a part of, you can’t miss the hot topics from around the world. And when the Hot topic is right where you live, a gallore of opinions, praises & disgusts is hard to escape.

Yes, this is the Hazare movement I speak about. I support the basic conceptual of this movement, but I beg to differ on the “Janlok pal bill” front.

It’s ambushing really, the extent to which people will go to support an idea, a niche concept without realising the powers that vest in there.

If it isn’t clear yet- I do not support Anna Hazare or the Lokpal bill (people’s or government’s).


The last time I checked, India was a democratic country. The muscle to put someone at the helm of power pyramid lies with the people by virtue of the voting system that on basis of our prudence, lets us elect the one WE deem fit for ruling, among the group of political parties contesting for the above said elections to form the Government. It’s US, the very same people of India that voted for the ones that we’re now protesting against. It’s like giving someone a pen & then accusing them of stealing it.

And it’s not just about “voting”. If you think that no party today deems fit for your vote, you always has the option to stand for the elections yourself!

Anna Hazare wants a body more powerful than the current Government to be established to keep a check on the Government officials as well, one that is not directly elected by the people. This body will not be elected by the people & the people will have no say in lieu of who comprises this Government. It consists of IAS officers, Padma Bhushana awardees & ironically Ramasaysay award winners among which Anna is one!

What is being subtly done is creating another level of Government, a powerful body that belittles the Elected  Government! Do we really need another form of Government that too with absolute power to condemn ANYONE? & who’s to say that the selected representatives would not dirty their hands in the same river? Power breeds corruption because it’s easy to abuse power when you have no opposition. We can nullify the power at the Centre by replacing them. But with an Authoritarian body that absolutely does not give common man any rights & faces no opposition, does it not invite Dictatorship? A quicker solution would be resignation of power to exercise voting to facilitate faster establishment of Dictatorship. I somehow can’t relate to the whole idea of changing the way Indian government runs and forming an autonomous committee of unelected officials who will have the power to take down a power. A power chosen by the people. No matter how corrupt the government is, it’s a decision made by the people and it will be highly unconstitutional to take that power away from people.


Next, who gives the guarantee that the members selected to encompass the body is incorruptible? Who’s to say that it wouldn’t monopolize & side with one party while condemning the other? Does anyone seriously think we can hire thousands of absolutely honest officials who will constitute the Lok Pal? Who will keep watch on them? Maybe we need a Super Lok Pal, and then a Hyper Lok Pal to watch over the Super Lok Pal and so on…This isn’t sarcasm, this is the logical extension of the Lok Pal argument.


Lokpal & communism swear by (read abide by) “Decentralization of power” which is ludicrous in a Democracy!

Also it condemns the Corrupt. Corruption feeds on the people who promulgate it. And we’re the same lot who pay off a Traffic Cop for talking on the phone & driving, concomitantly breaking 2 laws while the acceptance of bribe accounts for just one; who then howl slogans without realization of ourselves.

The Bill talks about moving the Judiciary against corruption at length. Let’s step into reality (& I swear I can bet a fortune on  this) – NO ONE has the time or patience to approach the court for some act of corruption what with the long tiring process of filing an appeal & elongated/dragged court dates. Honestly, you’re fucked in the head if you try to move the court, the same court that took 26 bloody years to convict Warren Anderson for a massacre so widespread, it still echoes in it’s victims.

The fast-unto-death lacks legitimacy. Of course we have the right to protest peacefully. But it’s not about whether we have the right or not. It’s about if we are using that right wisely. You have the freedom of speech but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to blast Eminem using a loudspeaker at 2am in a residential district. Fast until death is political blackmail. It is a form of theatre engaged in to coerce the government into doing something that the agitators want. Whatever may be the cause, a single person cannot be allowed to dictate laws to the whole nation. Anna Hazare at some point WILL face Government opposition since it’s a form of suicide, against the already existing law.

Lastly, why not put to implementation the impending laws instead of putting another one in the line.


The movement should be on basis of common sense & not sentiments. Don’t get me wrong, I disparage corruption & am all for a corruption free India. Just not by the methods that Anna Hazare swears by.




(Thou shalt excuse me of the grammatical errors. 10 minutes was the time taken to put pen to paper or whatever)

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