I am an aspiring journalist, an ardent book lover, vicariously moody and somewhere between the shades of gray and black. I like people who can hold an intelligent conversation and like talking about life’s weird functioning ways. Though I find it immensely hard to like people or trust them easily, I do TRY to keep an open mind about things, people and perspectives. Yes, I bare my soul out on the blog but that does not mean it’s true. It might be. It might not. I like people telling me about themselves, their wacky ideas and their quirky fallacies. I like knowing people, even though i’m HIGHLY judgemental at times.

I like to believe that the blog is a part of me..That it’s everything that makes me write, read, breathe, eat and sleep: makes me who I am. In a small way, I like to believe that i’m reaching out to people and giving them a voice. I do not promise inciting speeches and anecdotes. But this I do promise; somewhere in these pages, those blog posts, somewhere between those lines, among those words, you WILL find yourself.

I like conversations. Let’s talk :)



8 thoughts on “About

  1. priyanka says:

    Girl u r good….keep writing n ur readers will multiply….atleast I’ll be regular do nt wrry

  2. Happy Birthday :P
    Does it hurt losing almost the “teenager” tag? :P

    And you gotta update your header text! Don”t forget… lol…

    • aparajitasaxena says:

      =/ Are you rubbing it into my face :P It SUCKS! But it’s got it’s own advantages. You’d know better =/ hehehe.

  3. adsense says:

    nice design and also nice content aprajita

  4. Sosha says:

    Aparajita, maybe you would like to change your theme? The text is extremely small, and dull in colour, making it a tad difficult to read.

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