A thousand words..

Sometimes, you need to tune everyone out; just so you could listen to your ownself. You need to get away to find yourself. You need to lose yourself so that facing life afterwards is possible. Sometimes, you need to walk away..music blaring, drowning every voice around..

I like watching you leave after you’ve just kissed me in all the right places..leaving me here with nothing less than a goodbye. I like hurting because it makes me feel real..

We’re all pieces of fucked up pieces stitched together by time..Colorful little pieces that make us whole, complete us & turn us into a beautiful piece of art: a mosaic. The more we’re broken, the more vibrant we are.

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5 thoughts on “A thousand words..

  1. mdseabolt says:

    I get inspirations for the most random places and putting it down on a canvas makes me feel like I can do anything. Sometimes it isn’t the best looking piece of art work but I know the feeling of needing to get away from the world. I love it

  2. Kunal says:

    lovely thoughts specially the 1st one, yes, sometimes we just need to be with ourselves!!

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