Resolution 2012.

Ended 31-12-2011 on a good note perhaps. Encountered 2 goodbyes, 1 of which I really REALLY failed to understand. It was stupid & really senseless but oh well I’d rather NOT have a friend like the who randomly says goodbyes on stupid frugal fights (?) and does not BOTHER apologising for whatever. I didn’t even bother asking for an explanation cause again, who does that?! :P it’s so completely ridiculous. & it’s not like I really care because I did not know the said person so well but whatever man :P I remember laughing about it really hard with my friends during the NYE.
The other one was my chemistry lab partner. Sweet girl she is! But I was just too bored to reply so she told me she would not like to hear from me anymore (lol). Okay??
Seriously, what is with people giving really lame excuses to stop talking to someone these days :P ?

Coming to resolutions:
1. My motto for 2012 is “let bygones be bygones” :P I’m honestly not even gonna TRY making people stay in my life. Those who really care, will.
2. I’m gonna be rational in forgiving people.
3. I shall turn cold & stop people from getting me. Like really. 70 year old me will be proud of this :P
4. I’m not gonna cry everytime I go back to Pune.
5. I’m gonna love my mum, dad, sister & puppy even more than before because they’re the ONLY people that really make sense (Okay scratch dad out from that list :P )
6. Not gonna give a fuck about people who’ve walked out in the past.
7. Indifference shall be an omnipresent virtue :D

That is all I feel like blogposting. Been meaning to blog post a lot about how I think I’m changing. (into a vampire LOL LOL bitch please).
Also, heading back to Pune tomorrow. OKAY NOW THAT SUCKS. :( I hate HATE going back to that wretched stone cold place again man. I really really am reconsidering shifting to Xaviers or something man. SIMC is OMG and all that. But.. :@ I don’t wanna go. Please. Someone?

Also, yes I shall blog more often :) that’s a resolution too.

What are your resolutions?


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