To 2012.

Ah. Another blank WordPress page. :) Always where I begin from. A blank page. Emptiness. And then filling it with words. Meaning. So that there is substance. Some essence on this blank WordPress blogpost. Some attribution. Some pain. Some laughter. Something.
It’s the end of the year and I’m hollow. Empty. Ready to leave everything behind. Ready to start. To try. To love & to live. Ready to lose myself in Escher, Dali & Degas. Ready to wander into the world of James Frey, Conrad, Graham Swift.
Ready to embrace every day like last year, accept the shortcomings and celebrate life. This year.
All I hope is that the pain I carry from this year into the next one teaches me something. And with every fall, I rise up a better human being.
Wishing all my lovely readers, lovers & haters a very happy new 2012. May this year be filled with positivity, love, happiness and beautiful songs.


One thought on “To 2012.

  1. Happy New Year! I hope you’d be posting more. Happy Celebration :D

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