Internship 1 so far..

First blog post via the iPhone :D
Interning at CRY i.e. Child rights and you. I like the place and people and also the project(s) I’m working on! More details later. Yesterday was my first day. Pretty awesome. Lots to do & learn. I miss my independence back in Pune terribly. I keep getting this feeling that the family is not very..idk..pleased or appreciative with my presence around here. Which means:
1. No more trips to make on holidays. :D
2. More sleeping and chilling with self/friends time.
3. More fun time.
Okay 3 does not make sense & 2’s really less.
Also, volunteering at IDA in my free time. I love that place. I love being surrounded by dogs and puppies that only want love from me.
Not in a mood to ramble. Just updating because in my head, someone out there wants to know what I’m up to :P
Off to sleep in a bit.

#NowPlaying: “Hemorrhage” by fuel. Fucking awesome :D
In love with Ryan from the OC <3

Adioooooos (:


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