The plethora of dedications I’d like to send out.

This goes out to every father that feels Mumbai is a safe city for their daughters.

This goes out to the girl whose screams were muffled as some horny bastards stabbed every bit of dignity.

This goes out to the mother who did not wake up in the morning from her slumber because her daughter was raped at night.

This goes out to those who women who lease out their bodies for money so that an innocent girl somewhere can return back home at night safely.

This goes out for those doucebags who only crib and moan about crime in their city.

This goes out for all those families who hate Mumbai because of the secrets it hides even in the darkness of night.

This also goes out for that only man who stood up when a some assholes decided to fuck every moving female in their vicinity.

This goes out to the woman who carries pepper spray in her bag, the woman who sacrifices those 200Rs. just so she can get home before 7pm, the woman who only looks down while walking on the road and never makes eye contacts with a man.

This goes out to all those sick filthy parasites who believe that cladding skimpily is an invitation for rape, to all those motherfuckers who swear on their love and then push their gfs into sex trade, to all those perverts who need to be castrated because they cannot get their eyes off a woman’s secondary sex organs.

This goes out to every man who treats his spouse as a human being and not a sex machine, to every man who respects their co-gender, to all those men who believe and propogate that men and women are equal, to every father and brother who would lay their lives down for their daughters and sisters.

This goes out to that man who stood up because he had a set of principles in life.

It goes out to the man who believed that it was his duty to backlash at those drunk bastards who touched his woman.

This goes out to the slimy impotent monster and his 20 dickhead friends who stabbed two innocent guys for defending their women.

This goes out to all those filthy dumb pigs who stand there as spectators and watch some sort of sadist live brute porn right in front of their eyes while the girl begged for help.

To all those women who turn their heads away because it’s not them or their daughters who were getting raped.

It goes out to all those Mumbaikars who stood there watching like mute assholes as two men DIED because they had the balls to stand up against eveteasing.

It goes out to someone who will be forgotten in due course of time.

This goes out to Keenan and Reuben.


One thought on “The plethora of dedications I’d like to send out.

  1. Sosha says:

    Amazingly written. I’m gonna post this on FB, so more people can read it.

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