I am steadily but surely falling in love with monochrome. I love how just two contrasting colors bring out the tension in a photograph, love how they easily merge into each other, getting intertwined so lustfully, it’s sensous.

Imagine this scrawly old newspaper being read by an old man in a little tea shop, sipping his steaming tea from that little steel cup. And that being shot in black and white on the DSLR. Painstakingly beautiful. :D

Anywho, back in Mumbai to celebrated Deepawali with the family. We lit Diyas all over the place and then at night, we turned off all the lights. Beautiful. We don’t need Benjamin Franklin when we have a diya.

Something so beautiful about a diya flame flickering and standing against Mumbai’s gusty winds. Semester end exams in 2 days and I haven’t read half a word. So i’m fucked.

Assignments ki jai ho!

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