Lets pen down this in a minute

Alright-O. One week at Symbiosis. And the hostel.
Long since I blogposted but I want to capture & pen down today.
I’ve been home-sick ever since I got here. Spent two hours everyday crying like a bitch cause I miss home. I miss mum. & sis. & dad. & ebboo.
But TODAY (Sunday)
Mum & sister paid a surprise visit on Sunday :D FUCKING AWESOMEEEE! *BEST* surprise ever man. Seriously. Was literally & obviously shocked but got over it soon.

Made awesome new friends in Symbi. Apparently I’m one of the Deols. Sunny Deol. & this really close friend of mine is Bobby Deol. Dysfunctional shit.

Mass Media is a radical & broad spectrum subject. Coming out from the science field, we have weird/nice/weird subjects now.
1. Corporate life skills
2. Principles of Management
3. AV production
4. Visual aesthetics
5. World history
6. Journalism & broadcasting
7. Event management
8. Literature in English
9. Screening
10. Computer applications
11. Sociology.
& more. 11 is all I remember as of now.
But what syllabus man.
College starts at 9 30am so morning starts at 6 30am to wash my clothes, bathe & breakkfast. Then college till 4 30 after which we have various club activities. Then back to hostel.
I don’t like my roommate much. Really want to shift/move out next year. Mostly I wanna go back home =(
Tired now. Shall keep y’all (if you read this anymore) updated yo.

Hugs & kisses.


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