Ramdev Baba & the forty thieves.

This Baba Ramdev issue is funny & hypocritical at the same time. Surreal & impractical demands seem to be his forte with all the black money big talk shit. Don’t get me wrong, I want India corruption free too & I strongly supported Anna Hazare’s quest but Baba Ramdev comes across as a fame hungry phoney man, senseless in action & words.
What sense does death warrant against alleged corrupt officials make? Little does he know that half the population in India is corrupt & believes (and insinuates) under hand money what with those 200-300 Rs. bribes to the traffic policemen. Should we kill them all?
The problem is not corruption. Corruption spins it’s web around the Laws & rules that are made by the fatuous Government. That’s how corruption spreads. Scintillating little weird laws that induce (rather force) people to take the wrong way. Take the outrageous lowering of drinking age to 25year rule that’s implicated in Maharashtra. People *will* drink even if they increase the age to that matching theirs, even if they make drinking legal for ancient people. What our partisans need to realize is that they are not just practicing Corruption themselves (in various ways), but also soliciting it to the under 25 bleeding alcoholic addict, however fatal that might be for the individual. That is how corruption spreads! Wasn’t this equivalent to the “Banning shops selling cigarettes outside schools & colleges” law? Whoa guess where my daily Marlboro comes from.
Let me paint a pretty 18 year old perceptive picture for you.
If I am breaking the law by consuming alcohol when I’m just 18 & no action is really taken against me or anything to prevent me from doing so, who’s to say I wouldn’t go on to commit bigger offenses like say bribe someone, then pay under hand money which probably will go on to accepting black money, that too without getting caught in all probability? Even though the situation is purely hypothetical, it inseminates breaking laws right down to the basic necessities which obviously amplifies when one grows older!
Corruption can’t be done away with by formulating stringent laws, or wasting sessions of parliaments discussing what to do with the corrupt officials. Abate corruption by changing the laws to make them more flexible & feasible! Don’t waste hours appeasing Baba Ramdev & raiding his peaceful congression, instead work towards diluting recession, decrease MRPs so that people can thrive on the money they lawfully *earn* & not what they unlawfully amass to meet their ground necessities.
There are more pressing issues than Baba Ramdev & his militia. It isn’t even the onset of monsoons & Mumbai’s facing it’s demons in guise of potholes & water logging already. The Government, instead of issuing ludicrous hyperboles as that of comparing the Jalianwalabaugh incident to the Ramdev smash up should look into matters of more concern. & if the Government was really so keen to satiate empty stomachs, children in our country wouldn’t die of hunger.
If people of this country are adepted to bring about a radical change, why limit it to *just* corruption & why limit it to 2 days? Why vote for the same goddam national party when you know it’s not right one? Why not give another one a chance? Why take just one part of the big picture & osmose it while ignoring the rest (& probably more important part) of it? Being blindly lead by a yoga instructor (fame monger Baba at that), on whichever scale large or small doesn’t make sense, neither does taking potshots at Sonia Gandhi & her Government where the media will haplessly keep looping his statements for the world to see.
Gather, but for the right purpose. Fight, but with a definitive aim & preparition to live through the reform, while I sit back under my accoutrement of perspicacity, enjoying the amazing notes hit by Sia as she sings (plays) in the background, Irish coffee & Classic Milds cause I’m an ostensible snob like that.

♪Now On Replay: Dream by Priscilla Ahn.♩


3 thoughts on “Ramdev Baba & the forty thieves.

  1. priyanka says:

    I agree on ur view points totally… The hairy freakshow has mixed spirituality with greed and lust. This is just a gimmick to get support for his upcoming party…
    The constitution needs to be reformed… It just keeps getting worse

  2. Raj S Khot says:

    Well, just one question id like to answer back, “Why vote for the same goddam national party when you know it’s not right one?… for that, id like to ask, as to how many parents “vote, religiously, looking into all aspects of their offering, of how genuine their offering is, their past, present, etcetera. I am *very, ‘as-a-matter-of-fact’ like as i say this, but d’ya know? 75% of the people that vote, are actually those living in slums, chawls, villages, were almost everybody is illiterate. How? You know how… rallies, gifting them stuff ranging from toasters to color TVs, and so many times, cash, asking votes in return. Indias average person being of limited means, doesn’t really bother choosing, balancing on what does this person does for our country or my village or for whichever area the election’s being held… all that does matter to them, is what is being offered to them…. votes in a way do go, to the highest bidder… its a sad situation, and moreover, *whom do we vote for… im not much into politics, but do tell, who *is appropriate for us?

  3. kushalashok says:

    The way you have presented the scenario is commendable. We can not eradicate the corruption the Baba’s way indeed! Also, the fact that the minimum drinking age is being raised to 25 is cockeyed!

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