As she took a few steps ahead crossing into the liquidated world, where graves limned houses, her otherwise tranquil & quiet head was suddenly filled with hushed, lisped voices..She looked around & saw nothing that was sanguined or from the mortal world she’d come from..
She sat down on a rock that was ancient by the looks of it..little white lillies growing all over the grass that ran deep into the woods, away from the little clearing she was in. She couldn’t see too far owing to the fog around her. She shivered a little. It was a cold evening. Literally. She rubbed her hands together to no avail. She was still cold.
The voices in her head agitated her inner sanctum. She closed her eyes. & she saw them again.
Those two eyes she’d been seeing since 3 weeks. Those dark bloodshot eyes she saw whenever she shut hers. Just two eyes staring back at her against a black backdrop. Not blinking. Motionless..inanimate..standstill..like her life..
She opened her eyes when she heard a girl standing in front of her laugh.
“Hey! Are you lost too?”, she asked the smiling girl with some distance in her eyes. The little girl continued smiling, as if the question was never heard & after a moment, ran past the girl sitting on the rock..as she looked back to where the little girl headed, she saw people..limpid shadows..of various kins staring back at her..
Words did not find their way out & by the mere fluster in her eyes, another little girl, in quite a delicate state, clothes in patches all torn, stepped ahead & stretched out her hand.
“I am your scarred childhood..the one you kept running away from”, the brumal revenant said.
“I am your malign youth you always wanted to forget..”, said another.
“I am the nights you lay down & saw passing by when your heart was numbed with pain when you lost everything you had”.
“I am the million tears you cried”, said others as white smoke erupted from their mouths as they spoke.
“I am the blood that you left running when you cut yourself’.
All of a sudden, she saw the little girl with the pleasant smile come towards her as others gave way to the transcend..
“I am the life you always kept running away from..the one you always wanted to end..”.
She was puzzled. & in her bewilderment, she heard a masculine voice. Recognizing it as her brother’s, she turned around & ran to him, finally glad she’d given the manifestations a miss.
“Let’s get out of here frère! This is an unnatural place..frère!! Listen to me! Why aren’t you listening to me? Lâche s’il vous plaît”.
She look at her brother in bemusement wondering why he wouldn’t look at her or listen to her.
As the wind blew, she felt the temperature around her drop to the minuses & she embraced herself to intercept the cold from reaching her heart.
She turned back, her dress ebbing at her knees & the fallen leaves skimming her feet & saw a thousand dark bloodshot eyes looking back at her, just like in her dream.
“Welcome”, said the little girl with hollow eyes.

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