A typical day.

Ahh I just had an awesome tiring day. One of those days you want to jump into bed & sleep till mom doesn’t kick you & wake you up. AFMC (Armed Force Medical College) got rescheduled from 2:30 to 4:30. So since I was with the family, we decided to hit the road & eat out.
Epicness then happened.
Anyway we managed to reach me to the centre on time where we crash into our old family friends. & their son happened to be appearing for the same exam too. So we started jumping with glee & profound happiness.
Not really.
We looked at each other & shook our heads, understanding each other’s plight & how badly fucked we were.
Anyway, we bid the parents adieu & entered KV1 at Navy Nagar, Colaba to decide our fate for the next four years.
I looked back at Dad & for some reason whatsoever, I think I saw him in the middle of a thought. I think he was amazed at how old I’d grown?
Then it came back to me..Dad is the *only* person who assists me during every entrance & board exam (first one only though). & I wonder why.
But when I think about the fact, it somehow makes me proud of him & I love him. & even though we don’t get along well at all, I still love him a lot.
Anyway albeit that, I gave the test. Was decent. Loved the “logic” section of it.
Got into the car & got on the phone with Jai (my best friend) & told him about the day. He’s a weird character. Very very very funny (like unfathomably) & weird. He told me how he didn’t like what they served him at the hostel & how he once landed at the airport in his PJs & a torn tee. & then I told him (rather informed) that me & my family would be lunching at ITC & that it should be free cause he’s the Chef there (& he blushes when I say Chef Jai. Don’t deny it, you do) & that me & my family would be kind enough to leave him a 100rs (FULL HUNDRED RUPEES) *tip*.
& after some more ranting,we hung up.
Got back home, spoke to Ma as she told me about her day & how my sister irritates her all the time in the course of which my dog came & put her paw on my leg & didn’t even apologize. & I made coffee as I made a mental note to take revenge from my puppy (Ebby). Showered.
Hopped into bed. Lights out. Wrote this typical normal day down.
Off to sleep.

Life’s Good (:

2 thoughts on “A typical day.

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  2. Nice layout!

    Trying for med then? The Doc :D

    Jai Ho :P

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