An unborn daughter’s plea.

Another night.
Followed by another day.
Many nights..
many days..
Same sun.
Same moon.
She could still hear the cries.
Her cries.
Still taste the tears.
Salty tears on her tongue.
Her eyes sting again.
As if to mock her.
As if to remind her of that night.
You thought this wouldn’t come back to you?
You think you’d be able to get away with this?
This sin?
No one has.
No one will.
Karma bites right back.
She still remembers..
Guilt. Pain. Anguish. Malfeasance.
You can cry every night to sleep.
You can hurt deep down.
You can pray for redemption.
For your silence.
It still stays. The feeling lingers..
It still won’t outweigh your sinister caper.
A macabre heinous crime.
She still remembers..
The men taking her creation away.
Her life away.
What had been born of love, taken away with so much hatred?
It had to pinch.
Had to scar for life.
Who could she coax?
Her love?
The men?
The knife that cut?
No one.
Everyone is lonely.
She bears the scars. She bears the castigation.
No one else.
Another night.
Another day.
Each reminding.
Each painful.
Each more difficult than the other.
The screams. The cries.
The golden fire still dances in front of her eyes sometimes.
The ghastly moon still shines the way it did that night sometimes.
The anthropophaginian still bear their teeth.
Cannibals. Aborigines. Vandals.
Thirsty for blood.
For flesh.
She still remembers..
The moon turning red.
They cruelly snatched her away from her.
“This is a liability!”
Liability? Kill yourselves. What else are you?
Liability they called her.
The woman’s bear breast.
She looks up at the men.
The moonlight sifts through. Making her look sepulchral.
She still remembers..
And she still closes her eyes every night.
“Mother! Mother!”.
Cries the child who’d been taken away from her.
The girl child.
“Who would bring up her? She’s too expensive. Lakshmi’s not come to our house. She’s leaving. Because of this girl!”.
So you kill her.
A baby. Infant.
Slit of knife. One breath & all’s done.
She didn’t feel a thing they said.
In a land where nothing is important, no one feels anything.
No one cares.
No one looks.
She still remembers..
Another night she’d fuck him.
A man.
Another nine months of agony.
Another night when she would hear the pleas in silence searing through her like knives.
“I was your flesh and blood. The pain you bore for 9 months. An object of desire up until my sex was determined after my birth. I play in God’s gardens now. I long for the death of death that engulfed me. I give you the nightmares Mother. You kept me safe for 9 months. Why not thereafter? They say that everyone is born with their destiny. Mine was shortlived?
It wasn’t painful.
It was quick.
They killed me in cold blood.
Short snap of the knife.
My soul had died when you parted with me as I nursed.
Only breaths kept me alive.
The fate of this girl so cruel?
Do all girls have this fate?
The Gods in the Heaven say to me,
“Your murderers rot in the hell beneath while you enjoy the heavenly cerise wines.”
I want not these heavenly joys Mother! I want your warmth.
I want to grow up and make you proud.
The society norms don’t help me keep away from you Mother!
Maybe physically.
But in some plane of humanity that exists, I’ll always be your daughter.
An unwanted daughter.”


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