The right to live.

Disclaimer : This article is violent and targets specific sectors of the Indian Society. This hasn’t been done to deride anyone or to contempt anything/organization. It’s merely expression of words. Also, please excuse the language since I wrote it when I was angry -__-
I’m sorry if I’ve hurt the sentiments of any religion. It wasn’t intentional. It’s solely to bring out the points. These are my beliefs, my ideologies.

It’s sick. It’s irking, abominable and animalizing. Getting up to another article on the newspaper about another girl child mutilated or aborted in the fetus has become like an everyday issue that marks India. It’s like a trademark that perpetually defines the being of India. And the worst part of the whole thing is the small little column it gets in the daily newspaper.
Female infanticide. Gendericide. Discrimination on basis of sex. Male domination. Patriarchy. The long pressing issues that’s come down to us (as a legacy I suppose) right from the ancient times of Sita, Draupadi and Yashoda to the 21st Century man. Killing of the girl child even before she could breathe in the real world, taking her life away from her even before she could begin one, muffling her screams forever even before she could cry.
Forget villages, it’s a cliche in the metropolitan towns now.

The life of a girl child is not just determined by the mother’s wellness. It is a movie directed by our unworthy proctors, our profligated gymnasts, the father of the unborn, the nefarious laws that exist and the family of the child. In India, we believe in “unity” to an extent that the entire universe around the girl child conspires to dig it’s grave, even before she could open her eyes.

People are so thick skinned in India, that they don’t bother with the fact that A LIFE, a LIVING thing has been killed. And we all watch the scene like bystanders. The people, the Government and the judiciary system – all are mere kibitzers. They watch the scene from distance as a mere entertainment, doing absolutely nothing about it. Every once in a while, they’ll pick up the microphone and propagandize the issue. Oh and that too right before elections.

Our judiciary system needs to incorporate wiser and open minded legal practitioners. Why is it so difficult for the jurisprudent to understand that an abortion is equivalent to murder? Should an 18 year old dumb it down for you? Why isn’t the sentence for abortion equivalent to the one for murder? 16 years? Is that all you sentence a person for killing a child?

Kasab came, devastated the city and is apparently enjoying meat in the jail. He killed Oh-So-Many number of people and he’s in jail for the crime. You know what? Maybe Karma *is* a bitch. What goes around will come around. Enough said.
So it’s okay to put Kasab in the jail for killing n number of people (read MATURE FULLY GROWN adults who’ve lived for so many years) but people who kill a fuckin’ fetus are allowed to get away because “it wasn’t a living thing/it wasn’t born/it hadn’t seen the world yet”? Because it was just a fucking embryo in the womb? So it’s alright to kill something that isn’t born yet?
I’ll tell you one thing. Next time, try doing this with the male child and I’ll believe this world’s a better place and that “sense” still exists.
So the judiciary system in India is a fail. Epic one at that. No one cares about a life in the womb. Gendericide is logically legal.

Doctors. Our worthy gynecologists. The final dealers of the fate of a new born. The senseless, implacable, truculent, pseudo “GODS” who bathe their hands with the blood of an aborted female fetus. The cruel cannibals who lend a helping hand to the murder of a girl child. They shouldn’t look for a corner to die. They should use the own fuckin injection that they used to kill the girl child with on themselves. Better yet, their sins will kill them of utter shame. Murderers. Why aren’t they condemned for ending a life again? They can very conveniently imprison Kasab for murder. WHAT IS THIS BUT MURDER? What are they doing but breeding “Kasabs” in the Medical colleges? And these low lives decide our fates? Oh and it’s not just limited to “male” gyaenacs. The female gyaenacs also dirty their hands in the same ebb.

Female infanticide is just another type of government killing whose victims may total MILLIONS! In many cultures, government permitted, if not encouraged, the killing of handicapped or female infants or otherwise unwanted children.
In the Greece the murder of female infants was so common that among 6,000 families living in Delphi, no more than 1% had two daughters.
Among 79 families, nearly as many had one child as two.
Among all there were only 28 daughters to 118 sons. Amazing right? (Homosexuality much Greece?)
But classical Greece was not unusual. In 84 societies spanning the Renaissance to our time, “defective” children have been killed in JUST a 1/3rd of them of them. The rest were gendercide.
In India, because of Hindu beliefs and the rigid caste system, young girls were murdered as a matter of course. When demographic statistics were first collected in the 19th Century, it was discovered that in “some villages, no girl babies were found at all; in a total of 30 others, there were 343 boys to 54 girls.
In Mumbai, the number of girls alive in 1834 was 603. A meagre 603 in a population of a billion men? Makes me think.
It isn’t a new age thing if you ask me. It’s been coming down from the Ramayana and Mahabharata ages. Ever noted how *most* of the Goddesses had a son? How the three main Hindu Gods are males?
Sita had two sons, Luv and Kush. Yashodha had two sons Krishna and Balrama. Parvati created Ganesha (male) out of clay. Kaushalya gave birth to the ever-glorious Rama. So Brahma is allowed to fuck up my fate, Shiva is allowed to decide when I die and Vishnu can destroy everything with a bat of his eyelids since the Earth supposedly rests on his whims. Will do. But by immortals who are gender-biased? And we say our Gods are “EQUAL”. “Saamdarshi”.
Now either they’ve lost their sense to distinguish between male and females or like the politicians, prosecutors, ill-faith families they chose to turn a blind eye towards this. The “patriarchal” system was started by the Sole “Creators” of our universe. Male protagonists are at the helm of the society. Even in heaven!!!
Saraswati, the Goddess of Wisdom was born out of Brahma’s “thoughts”. She wasn’t conceived.
Lakshmi is the Goddess of Wealth.
Random other Goddesses for cooking and every other useless stuff the 3 creators could find were assigned to the Woman. Why isn’t ONE of the 3 main Gods a female? Why isn’t Lakshmi the Goddess of Fate in place of Brahma?
The Hindu religion is a hypocritical one. And yes even though I’m a Kayastha, the “Brain” of the Hindu Caste, I DARED TO SAY THAT.
My beliefs matter to me much more than the pseudo UNEQUAL religion that I was born into.

They called Mary Magdalene a whore. She possessed Jesus’s child. So Jesus slept with a mistress?
They supposedly “hid” Mary Magdalene to ensure “safety” of the unborn because it could “change the history of religions as we know it”. The child was a girl. So Jesus was ashamed of his progeny?

Funny how the more educated a person is, the more ignorant he becomes. Someone had aptly said, “The more you learn, the lesser you know”.

The rich men of the 21st Century swim in the same pool of blood of the aborted female fetuses. Oh and they have the best *lame* excuses (Source : A survey website) “They would eventually have suffered from the hands of the ruthless men. So much molestation, no? And then they grow old and become teenagers and have boyfriends and friends who would take advantage of them. So it’s better to kill her at inception only”.
Saying so, they point out gutlessly to minor female rapes & the immorality that exists in today’s world.
Logically, their wives are whores? Since they are females too and “they suffer from the hands of ruthless men”. I wonder how many times their wives had been raped as kids? How many men they’ve insinuated with as teenagers. How many times they were pillaged during trips? So they’re sluts in all true sense, fulfilling all the required criteria according to the statements by their very own husbands.
So much molestation and immorality, no?
And what? The men who rape, who force abort are the fuckin GODS of charity and benevolence? These hypocrites worship themselves for “saving the girl from suffering” by aborting it? Seriously? Give this bullcrap to someone who actually is stupid enough to believe the shit!

I’m not being sexist. All I want to know is that WHY do men just stand there and watch an abortion? Why is the male child always so fukin “End-Of-The-World” important?

It has a wide array. The males are not just the ones under girding this. Many a times, the woman, the pregnant mother falls prey to the norms of the society (read the dowry system/the “males carry the family’s name forward”/male are the sole bread earners). They flow/swim with everyone else in the river of bullshit, insensibility and ignorance.
A female in Tamil Nadu, Lakshmi already had one daughter. So when she gave birth to a second girl, she killed her. For the three days of her second child’s short life, Lakshmi admits, she refused to nurse her. To silence the infant’s famished cries, the impoverished village woman squeezed the milky sap from an oleander shrub, mixed it with castor oil, and forced the poisonous potion down the newborn’s throat. The baby bled from the nose, then died soon afterward. Female neighbors buried her in a small hole near Lakshmi’s square thatched hut of sunbaked mud. They sympathized with Lakshmi, and in the same circumstances, some would probably have done what she did. For despite the risk of execution by hanging and about 16 months of a much-ballyhooed government scheme to assist families with daughters, in some hamlets of Tamil Nadu, murdering girls is still sometimes believed to be a wiser course than raising them. “A daughter is always liabilities. How can I bring up a second?” Lakshmi, 28, answered firmly when asked by a visitor how she could have taken her own child’s life eight years ago. “Instead of her suffering the way I do, I thought it was better to get rid of her.”
The girl child in India..does she have any right?

How ignorant are we! The society conveniently blames the woman for bearing a girl child, completely oblivious to the fact that it is the male sperm that determines the sex of the child.
I’m disgusted! I cannot fathom the mass illness plaguing in India. And the only solution I can think of, as punishment and as a deterrent is hanging these men/women/people to death. Or render them sterile. Both the parents! So that they *never* have a child hence. Forget a girl child.
Oh yes and I dare.. I DARE you pseudo-intellectuals and humanitarians to give me bullcrap about the inhumanity of this, India not believing in the eye-for-an-eye thingy. I DARE YOU.
So, I dissed and dissected the Gods of the largest religion in India, portrayed the Doctors in a bad frame, disembarked to trash the excuses of the rich families, slandered the Prosecutors of the Indian Judicial system, belittled the great knowledge of the pseudo intellects. Call me names, if it comforts you. I strive to be a shrew in a society that believes in suffering in silence. I’m effervescent and ebullient. I *will* come back with more inexorable words. This blog is merely a portion of my head and I will write what I want to. No, you can’t stop me. You can hate me all you want. I will keep throwing my words around till I suffocate you with some sense.

We must give the girl child her right to live, her right to breathe the air, to become something. To imprint her footsteps on earth.
A woman isn’t the meagre frangible Sita, the annihilated Lakshmi or the squelched Yashodha.
She is Durga with the man under her feet, taking the life out of him. She’s the Draupadi that kills in cold blood. She’s Kali – the one Shiva bowed down to. Killing of the girl child for any reason whatsoever will have VERY dire consequences. If she’s ethereal at one point, she can be your worst phantasma the next minute.
The girl child is Aditi, the sun goddess. She can burn the man, his creation and the entire universe down.


9 thoughts on “The right to live.

  1. Pratik says:

    The tyranny of infanticide couldn’t have been better portrayed :)…We need such extremist views to actually have people feel that it’s not just another news you can ignore.
    Cases like Lakshmi need to be better understood though…The reason behind this heinous act needs to better understood..In rural India, it’s the hell women face all their life that encourages them to kill a new-born girl. It’s somewhat like euthanasia, if you can see the relevance..
    Unless Indian society gives as much respect to the women as men, there’s little hope for the poor unborn girls..
    As for the patriarchal society, there is simply no excuse. It’s a crime, and should be treated as a crime…

    Amazing blog, this!
    Looking forward to more :)

    • Setu Shah says:

      Not just India, oh boy! We are talking of a global view out here.

      Much to everyone’s dismay and lack of awareness, the raised levels of such crimes in the west is more than ever before. That’s not something that can just be ignored.

      You can’t end it on India. You can’t end it, ever. It begins where it begins. And it travels to the world, to every person with such a disturbed psyche.

      Peace :).

      • aparajitasaxena says:


        Pratik : True (: Thanks for the feedback.
        And yes, the respect’s gotto be given. But at times I guess every woman’s gotto take her own stand too. No matter how the repercussions are. She’s gotto do what she thinks is right. The scratches on the wall may not bring it down. But they do leave scars.
        Glad you liked it (: More sure :D

        Raj : Yes I’ve seen Roadies. It’s a stupid show about how fame-hungry loafers do shit on TV. And you’re right. It’s a question that made me think too.
        Why should I be proud of this country?
        I’ll probably do a blogpost on that one for you ;) Wait for it.
        The line last : “The brides are not married, they’re sold”. Fantastic! It’s just some few words. And they speak sooo loud! Take a bow, that one was amazing.

        Setu: Ait. I agree that I need to be the change I want. But isn’t it already obvious that if I have views like that, I would be against it too? I’m a girl myself! One with anti-female abortion views.
        Secondly, yes I obviously want to read the inhumane coverages everyday! If the papers can publish crap like “Rakhi Sawant is off sex for a month”, I sure as hell want them to print these! And yes with the names too! So that those people realize something! So that they’re ridiculed! If nothing else, atleast to let everyone know that the Nation’s aware of what these femal-aborters are upto! & that they’re gonna have their names in ink up there if they do it too! Just for that sake, yes they must!

        “Lack of education, awareness and even more, the counselling that’s needed to stand taller than the crowd”
        Seriously? It’s more pressing than “abortion”/gendericide of girl child? Educate who? The male child? They’re already being educated thanks to:
        1. Parents not sendin their daughters to school.
        2. Parents not *having* daughters in the 1st place. (Since they’re killed)

        “What do you expect the doctors to do then? What’s their fault?”
        1. It’s *illegal* to abort a child on basis of sex.
        2. It’s *illegal* to even determine the sex of the child before birth.
        3. They KILLED/MURDERED a child by aborting it. That’s a reason enough right?

        “You can’t blame the judiciary for inadequate laws. If you want these laws in there, go and spoil your own hands in the political game, get into the game, play it by the rules and then get what you want.”
        -The problem is that no one *wants* to metamorphise the subsisting laws. Who can do anything about it but the ones at the apex of their fields?
        Why does one have to get into the game and change it? Doesn’t the jurisprudent have sense or a brain of it’s own to be sensible enough to *know* that? And if I have to get into the game and bring about the change, it obviously means that those high officials have no sense of their own right?
        Whatever are those senseless people doing at the apogee of the power pyramid?

        ” It’s just as drinking and smoking in early teens, as most living in a metropolitan would do, because you don’t want to be left out, that these illiterates end up indulging in such practices that are so malign”
        – haha that doesn’t really make sense :P People don’t do it because everyone else is doing it :P

        “The media (or at least a few in them) do regret the whole happening of it as much. But, that’s not what we want to read, right?”
        -Neither do I want to read about Rakhi Sawant’s sex life or the number of grey hair Ranbeer Kapoor has or the pillow cover Reese Witherspoon bought, but they still do publish it, right?

        That’s all (: I hope I’ve clarified myself! And thanks a lot for the feedback. Glad you liked it (:

  2. Setu Shah says:

    Right. So you just left me amazed with this amazing blog.

    This is all too surreal to be ignored. But as they say, things that happen every day don’t find a place in the minds of the people. They just aren’t as important or highlighted. Why? They point out to more prevailing and constraining problems of the society. Lack of education, awareness and even more, the counselling that’s needed to stand taller than the crowd.

    How many of us would actually dare to break the nerve and do what the world doesn’t? Very few. And that actually attracts this. You don’t need courage to do something like this as people would accept you as one of theirs, then. The uneducated, influential, backward, poor, and rural lot, is what I mean to say.

    What do you expect the doctors to do then? What’s their fault? The fact that a female gynecologist is operating that women with a female foetus, aborting her child, is enough to give both the women a life of guilt, pain and anguish in themselves over having brutally killed a kid that couldn’t even find his little niche! The religiously protagonist society of ours has that imbibed in the very roots. If it has to change, it has to change there, at the very fundamentals of our lives!

    Yes. No one denies that it’s a male-dominated world. That the view of life we have is very little. That there’s much to change, but, it has to begin somewhere.

    And, I’m glad to say that it has begun.

    For every few 600 women way back around the time of independence to a 900 to every 1000 men, according to the last census, we have come a long way. We are paving the path and it will keep going. We are changing and we will be the change we want to see. Unavoidable.

    But, alongwith, we got to the change in the way we live too. We can’t just accept that there are foodless, education-less, unemployed out there who can’t even make their opinion about their own future child and would have to follow the opinion the senseless society of ours makes. That’s what I’m talking. You can’t blame the judiciary for inadequate laws. If you want these laws in there, go and spoil your own hands in the political game, get into the game, play it by the rules and then get what you want. Peace.

    Pointing out fingers is easy, Aparajita. It takes courage to be the change. It’s just as drinking and smoking in early teens, as most living in a metropolitan would do, because you don’t want to be left out, that these illiterates end up indulging in such practices that are so malign.

    And it isn’t about leaving this topic. No one does. The media (or at least a few in them) do regret the whole happening of it as much. But, that’s not what we want to read, right? You wouldn’t watch a news channel or read your daily newspaper or monthly magazine if the first page of it just gave you a list of those who have aborted their child, would you?
    That’s inevitably, life. What happens everyday isn’t as important as what happens every once in a while. That’s news. Basics of journalism.

    So, that’s pretty much it. I’m sorry if my comment has offended you, in any way. Just wanted to make my point through to you :)…

  3. Raj Khot says:

    Okay….i have no clue as of who u are n stuff….n dats probably not needed….setu directed me here, n i cant thank him enuff for it…..
    This post youve written, is truly, epic. thats the only way i can describe it, epic. You have properly describes as to what goes on in the heads of teenagers….”like us”…..incase you watch that fake and gay reality show roadies…..ull realize, that not all teens are like us….u may probably be knowing that…..but i emphasize on the fact, that even today, teenagers, living in mumbai, think like that……and well, here we takk bout mumbai…..load up google earth and pan that map…..mumbai still is like dis….we have a maharashtra to look up… that, we have an India to change…..
    once my blogs gonna be constructed, its gonna echo alot…..the sounds that rage violently in the tiny head….
    i still wonder why should i be proud of my nation…..where even today….half the brides are never married….they are…’sold’.

  4. Raj Khot says:

    And @Setu Shah…..
    im more sleepy rite now than i wud be if i were drunk….but if i were awake….i wud be at war rite now….
    HELL YEAH i want my news to be flooded with news of an abortion carried out…..i want a special suppliment in my daily, carrying the names of all the parents that carried out an abortion, along with their reason give beside it….
    as far as the other problems of hunger n all prevail……den fukk d other problems…….
    i relli wana fight bakk….but im relli sleepy…..ill cum bakk later…..

    • Setu Shah says:

      Do you really want to read that every day? Oh common… You are just saying it! And what will you do on reading all the names? Go and kill them? Stab them? Whoa!
      The realization, the change has to come from within.
      And this is not the only thing then for supplements, is it? Those parents who forbid their child from studying, those people who employ under-age children and commit the crime of child labour, those who promote such malpractices… The lists for lists are endless…

  5. Pratik says:

    Aparjita, setu and raj: Maybe we could take up the cause to level 2…Like have a group, expand it, and well, spread the message n do some of the clean-up ourselves…Attack d fucking miscreants with the power of our pen…(keYboard..whtevr!)..

    Maybe we cud make that difference…Be the pioneers of that much-needed change ourselves…..and well,at the end of the day, dat’s what matters, doesn’t it?

    Any supporters here?

  6. Abhishek says:

    Hey… i dont have any idea regarding who you are…. but i surely know these people who have commented on this post… and I reached here via their blogs…I am not much familiar and am new to this blog world.. but i have found it pretty much interesting and inspiring .. The topic and the points that you have mentioned in this post need to be displayed to this world at much higher levels.. These are serious issues.. Every individual in this world only thinks about himself… they don’t bother whats going on outside as long as they are not affected.. I strongly accept to the points you have mentioned… It’s high time to bring awareness to the next level…
    Great job!!! Looking forward for more of your posts!

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