Random thoughts :/

The following random thoughts are playing havoc in my head.

1. My dog’s so lucky! Gets to sleep whenever she wants :E

2. Physics sucks! :/

3. Mum’s frying something in the kitchen which I’m obviously *not* going to eat! Eww!

4. I don’t want my b’day (read 3rd march ie tomorrow) to come.

5. I shall buy myself a gift on my own b’day. Hell to all other gifts.

6. I think one of my ostensible best friend’s lying to me!

7. I think he’s already seeing someone and it’s utterly low of him if he’s not told me!

8. Are we even best friends?

9. I wish small kids would know when to SHUT THE FUCK UP! Can they not fukin shout when I’m trying to study!

10. My dog’s the most adorable creature.

11. Must write a blogpost dedicated to my dog baby (:

12. A chick of 12 years in my building is dating a guy. Desperate much these kids! Eww!

13. I think I’m pissed off!

14. Yeah the pseudo “best friend” doesn’t really give a shit!

15. I’m befriending him!

16. My dog’s go soo many names (gotto write a blog post on that =/)

17. I made a nice new friend on Twitter who’s also got a flare for writing.

18. I neeeed an inspiration in life (gotto make a list of ten things that inspire me!)

19. I wish I didn’t have to study.

20. My bum’s itching :s

21. I wish I lived in a gym =/ I love it wayyy to much (like unhealthily if that’s a word!)

22. All rapists should be castrated.

23. I turn 18 in one fukin day.

24. I can officially drive. (Others would marvel at the fact that they can officially have sex at 18. I’m different 8D )

25. I can officially have sex.

26. If my dad reads that, he’ll kill me. (Note to dad : I was *kidding*! Please don’t tell ma! =/ )

27. I want to start earning soon just so that I could buy an iPod touch =/

28. I have 28 random things on my head :S

29. I wish I could eat mud. It smells good when it rains (:

30. I wish I could drink petrol because it smells like heaven’s sacred drink.

31. I like the color of copper sulphate!

32. I will buy a dress that’s colored like copper sulphate.

33. I think Lupin (Harry Potter) is gay!

34. I need to send my smelly shoes for a wash

35. The above is a lie.

36. Manchester United has *baaad* sense of color combination. Come on! Red with yellow? SERIOUSLY? =/

37. I think that’s enough for now. You want to literally rape my thoughts or what? =/

38. I love the following smileys :

Okay. Bye. Come back tomorrow. Thanks. Happy new year =/

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2 thoughts on “Random thoughts :/

  1. 19/20 => Too much time around the study table would make a flat ass =))

    I turned 18 last December. After few days, someone asked my age. I replied I’m 18 & fresh … lol =))

    • aparajitasaxena says:

      Hahahahaha =)) (y) Kudos!

      Ye err that “my bum’s itching” was a joke. My bum doesn’t really itch =/

      Okay that doesn’t sound right =/


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