Change. Metamorphosis. Mutation. Transition.

I wonder about our state of affairs sometimes.
Not students.
Not indians.
I’m talkin about homo sapiens. “Humans” as we call ourselves (however unsure we are of that at times)
We take ourselves way too seriously. The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button seriously affirms the quote ‘Youth is wasted on the young’
Let’s think about that a bit.
What’s behind your computer table? (You generally find quite interesting things. I found a cookie that was now home to a load of microscopic tiny fungi. Green is a WEIRD colour ! ) What are the weird sprinkles on pop tarts? Why are we afraid of falling in love once we’re hurt? What makes a cow moo? Why do you have a hole in a donut? ( Alright! I just had to put that one in. Make of it what you will)Sometimes, you just turn around and you see all the time that’s passed you by.
Take a look at two different traditions:
The English believe in Tea. A sacrosanct ritual that’s observed through sleet n snow , hail or large erupting volcanoes. Because for them, tea represents the one time of the day, one Moment that stays fixed in time; they believe that Tea will always be the same. Day after day. And it anchors them. Makes them feel relieved that in this world of continuous change, one thing still remains fixed.
On the other hand, the Japanese have another converse belief. They believe that every moment is fleeting and they revere Tea as they know that each perfect, picturesque moment will never again occur.
So, we now agree to disagree since every one of us has our own ways.
And as much as we nod and ‘hmm’ , we’ll just turn around and take about 1% of whatever we hear and assimilate it.
Let’s think about a few things.
Have ye heard of Diogenus? He was an ancient philosopher, a disciple of Socrates. He believed in extreme poverty.
#Fun fact- He spent his life in a Bath Tub. YES! Lived in a Bath Tub his entire life.
Now get this: (my fav part) Once good ole Alex ( aka Alexander The Great , Conquerer of Most of the World, that Alexander) wanted to meet Diogenus. He sent a messenger. Who came back with this reply “If Alexander wants to meet me, tell him to come and meet me”. SOME guts! gotta give him that. So Alexander humored him (since he’d heard tales of the Wit of Diogenus ) and came to meet him. When he arrived, he saw Diogenus (stark naked in his bath tub) staring at a pile of bones. When Alexander asked him what he was doing, he replied ” Im trying to look for the bones of your father but i can’t distinguish them from the bones of a slave”.
Bold words
These would normally result in being burnt alive, ripped apart by animals , boiled in oil with a hint of vinegar.
Luckily for him Alexander saw the meaning in his words.
We are all Equal. Death: the great Equalizer.
Well i digress. Actually all I’m doing is cobbling together a few idle thoughts. So digression is irrelevant.
I’ll leave you with a parting thought. What if Earth was actually Hell for some other planet?? Pizza is the eternal punishment for adultery (wouldn’t that would be nice!)
Think. Don’t overthink.
Enjoy the world.
Stay foolish. Stay hungry.


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